Woman gets surprise wedding for Christmas.

“American filmaker is jumping at a chance to meet with a group the U.S. classifies as a terrorist organization.” “Stone arrived in the steamy Colombian city of Villavicencio on Saturday as part of a mission led by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to retrieve three hostages held for years by the …

Specter, Patrick Kennedy Visit Syria U.S. senator upbeat on peace between Syria, Israel Syria denies passing message to Israel via Egypt France freezes Syria contacts

Court TV to become Tru TV “Since all the letters in truTV were also in Court TV, it also enabled the network to make a neat graphic to remind viewers of the change.”

because he will just return them. Hester returns punt 64 yards for a Bears TD against the Saints.

It May Be the Sports Reporter ESPN and Yahoo Sports are on a furious hiring binge, offering reporters and columnists more than they ever imagined they could make in journalism.

Let’s go Skins! Skins vs. Cowboys preview QB Romo on the town last night