How Josh & Amos Got Famous

What Is FamousDC?

FamousDC is one of the most widely-read and talked-about blogs in the Beltway. We take a humorous look at politics, sports, entertainment and the goings on in the capital that matter most to our audience. Washingtonian Magazine named us a “can’t miss click” and one of the Best Blogs in Washington in 2009, and we’ve been featured in some of the Beltway’s most popular news outlets, including the Drudge Report, POLITICO, FoxNews, Express, MediaBistro, CNN, Washington Examiner, Fark, Deadspin, Daily Kos, and Gizmodo.

The Heavy Hitters

Meet Our Contributors

Marie Formica
  • Marie Formica landed in the DC area four years ago, working in politics but living for Washington’s quirky habits. By day, she watches the machinations of America’s government; by night, she digs into the DC music scene and any kind of trouble she can find. Her favorite things about the District are the sunny Washington Nationals games, food trucks and running by the river.

  • Since joining FamousDC in 2011, Morgan has been writing about the insiders that run the district by night and working in PR by day. Her favorite part about the district: Sunday brunch.

Sarah Gunion
  • Sarah is an Eastern Shore native, new to the DC area. After graduating from Tulane University in 2014, she decided to head to the District in pursuit of an active and exciting professional and social scene. Her favorite food: Old Bay smothered Maryland crabs. Her favorite thing about DC: rooftop venues!

Ladies Who Lobby
  • The LadiesWhoLobby writing duo have been contributing to FamousDC since Fall 2012. As registered lobbyists and policy wonks, these Ladies see it all and write about everything from Hill life, interns, happy hour and…well, more happy hour. Favorite part about the District? Something new every week!

Brittany Horowitz
  • Brittany has been writing for FamousDC since late 2012. Brittany practices PR for a boutique agency and enjoys exploring the District in search of new story ideas. Her favorite part of the District: the Georgetown Waterfront.

Lia Seremetis
  • Lia Seremetis comes to FamousDC from San Jose, California and has been working in public relations since moving to DC in the Summer of 2010. She is an organizer for Columbia Heights Day and the founder of the motley crew that is the DC Bike Party. Her favorite things about the district are the Sunday drum circle at Meridian Hill Park and playing softball in the Spring.

Hungry Lobbyist
  • Fareeha Khan works on graphic design and digital strategy in D.C. Her favorite things about the District are food trucks, Eastern Market, and adventuring in the improv scene.

Mr. Holt
  • A southern transplant, now living in DC, Nick is eating and cooking his way through the city. Roll Tide!

SP and KC
Sr. Contributors
  • SP, a Chicagoan, works in public affairs & messaging, enjoys snark and is blonde. Tweet her @stefpetrop
    KC, a proud Floridian, is a journalist, sports aficionado and is also blonde. Tweet her @politiCOHEN_
     They are to each other what froyo is to women, what Billy is to Joel and what politics are to DC.

For three years, the politics-and-media blog FamousDC has carved out a niche by ignoring the political celebrities that most gossip sites adore and by embracing the press flacks, Hill schedulers, midlevel reporters, and K Street climbers who stand behind—and sometimes are crushed beneath—their famous bosses.

Their workaday exploits and off-hours shenanigans feed a blog devoted to congratulatory profiles, zippy interviews with up-and-comers, and birthday shout-outs. But as satisfying as the dispatches are to FamousDC’s fans, trying to guess who writes them has often been even more fun.

Attempts to out the authors of the group project have been fruitless. But recently, FamousDC’s founders decided to end their self-imposed anonymity: Amos Snead, a principal at the public-relations firm Story Partners, and Josh Shultz, a partner at the digital-communications agency NJI Media, turn out to be the affable scribes behind the chatty site.

They’re a pair of thirtysomething Southern transplants—Snead is from Alabama, Shultz from Texas—who seem never to have lost their twentysomething wonder at all the esoteric awesomeness of life inside the Beltway.

The duo began writing during their off-hours, when Snead was a Capitol Hill press secretary and Shultz was the director of new media at the National Republican Congressional Committee. In their day jobs, they were courting bloggers. At night, they were bloggers.
Ever since, FamousDC has succeeded by never losing sight of its audience.

“We started writing about people who we wanted to read the site,” Snead says. He and Shultz also validated notoriety on a smaller scale. “Joe Biden is a big deal,” Shultz explains, “but so is Doris, the cashier at the Longworth House cafeteria.”

FamousDC isn’t all about pats on the back—it got a lot of attention for posting a foul-mouthed and cutting spoof of what’s inside Rahm Emanuel’s in box. But, Snead says, although tipsters have frequently offered potentially damaging revelations about third parties, “we never carry anyone’s dirty water.”

Acknowledging that the mystery of FamousDC was part of its allure, Snead and Shultz are uncertain about what will happen now that they’re coming out of the blogging closet.

“If I had an answer, it probably would mean we’re overthinking what we’re doing,” Shultz says. He and Snead plan to continue managing a team of a dozen or so volunteer bloggers, who, for now, shall remain nameless.

This article first appeared in the January 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.