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Rachel Kling

Let us introduce you to Rachel Kling, a top bartender and sommelier at Quill located in the Jefferson Hotel here in D.C. Kling excels in cocktail creations, adding her own spice of life to each new D.C. drink. We sat down with her to get a better look inside the mind of cocktails like the Ruth Bader Gin & Juice.


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Meet Alex Wirth and Jonathan Marks. These Harvard grads moved from Boston to DC to expand Quorum, a platform changing the way people see, explain, and influence the legislative process. The two make a dynamic duo- as Alex (left) oversees business development and customer success, and Jonathan (right) focuses on product design and development. We sat down with them to find out more about how they work and what’s next for Quorum.

tumblr_nq08nyj54E1qzn25eo1_500Meet Kristen Soltis Anderson, co-founder of Echelon Insights and most recently, the author of The Selfie Vote: Where Millennials Are Leading America (And How Republicans Can Keep Up) which launched just this week. Kristen is an accomplished pollster and researcher from Orlando, Florida who has taken on the political world and has aimed her recent work at investigating how upcoming changes in America will effect the way youth, women, and minorities vote. We caught up with her on these hot topics.

Famous 5


Heather Dahl

Meet Heather Dahl– local mastermind behind the digital crime fighting company The Cynja. She’s taken on the mission of combating increasingly common cyber crime rates with children as her target audience. The Cynja features a popular comic book series that aims to empower kids through knowledge and transparency into the sometimes dark realities of a web-driven world. She reiterates to parents and children that there is a new kind of monster that needs to be taken down, and it doesn’t live under our beds.


Meet Rebecca Parrish. She is a director and cinematographer and has run her own Chicago-based film company, Interchange Productions since 2007. We came across her here in DC when her latest project, Radical Grace, had its premiere debut at the AFI Docs Fest in late June. The film tells the story of three Catholic nuns who take on great risk and responsibility as they challenge the conservative patriarchal beliefs of the Church in pursuit of a higher calling: social justice. Rebecca follows the nuns across the country, into congress members’ offices, and even to the Vatican as they bravely fight for what they believe to be the true values of Christianity. Interestingly, Rebecca is very open about the fact that she, herself is a “none” meaning a non affiliate with any particular religious practice. Moved by the story and intrigued by what inspired it, I was thrilled at the opportunity to speak with Rebecca further.