It’s finally here. The day the Beltway business community has been waiting for. FamousDC, Washington’s favorite (and most mysterious) blog covering the intersection of politics, sports and entertainment, is opening its doors to advertisers and sponsors.

Is your target market the Capitol Hill, administration and K Street staffers who keep the capital running? Are you looking for a creative way to reach this valuable audience?

If the answer is yes to any or all of those questions, keep reading. If the answer is no…well then go back to whatever else it was your were doing. We’re sure it was pretty fun…

What is FamousDC?
FamousDC is one of the most widely-read and talked-about blogs in the Beltway. We take a humorous look at politics, sports, entertainment and the goings on in the capital that matter most to our audience. Washingtonian Magazine named us a “can’t miss click” and one of the Best Blogs in Washington in 2009, and we’ve been featured in some of the Beltway’s most popular news outlets, including the Drudge Report, Politico, FoxNews, Express, MediaBistro, CNN, Washington Examiner, Fark, Deadspin and Gizmodo.

How Big is FamousDC’s Audience, and Who Are They?

FamousDC’s audience is big and getting bigger. Since our launch in 2007, we’ve received millions of visitors and page views. Perhaps most importantly, our core audience is concentrated in the Washington, DC area. From K Street to King Street and from East Falls Church to Eastern Market, we’re a must-read for the Beltway’s movers and shakers. In short, our audience IS your target market.

Who are the People Behind FamousDC?

FamousDC is managed by a group of current and former Capitol Hill, Administration, and K Street staffers with too much time on our hands. The kicker? Most contributors are anonymous. Few people know who all the contributors are (and they are sworn to secrecy). The mystery adds to FamousDC’s allure, and is a constant topic of conversation inside the Beltway. The latest article on FamousDC could be written by your  boss or the girl sitting in the cubicle next to you.

How Can You Become Famous?

You can get in on the conversation and let your audience know you are “famous” by purchasing advertising space or by sponsoring one of our most popular (and famous) features–including the Famous Friday Round Up and the Famous 5 Interview. We can work within your budget–and we promise you’ll be shocked by how low our rates are. We can also design your ad for an additional fee (one of our contributors does that for a living).

We are also open to your suggestions…want to sponsor a contest? A poll? It’s your world…we’re just bringing more people into it. To contact us about any of the above opportunities (or to suggest your own idea), please e-mail us at: