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6/22 Friday Round Up – Time to kick off the weekend ⚽️

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Photo: John Sonderman


Awesome events: Welcome to your first weekend of summer! If only it could feel a little more like it, right? Head to the POV rooftop for some neat retro pop music by Ceramic Animal that’s sure to kick your weekend into the right gear; The 26th annual Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle is a mouthful and the food will be too. Enjoy some smokin’ grub without worrying about burning down the backyard; DC welcomes its inaugural By The People Festival – an international arts and dialogue festival – across the city, all weekend long; National Harbor is hosting Maryland’s inaugural Vintage Wine, Food and Jazz Festival and do we really need to say anymore?; There’s gonna be a lot of stars on the Mall this weekend (not the Angelina Jolie kind, this kind); And of course, whatever you do this weekend, brunch is always a good idea.



#NationalCandyMonth is making a splash! Dive into AlwaysATreat.com to learn more about how America’s leading chocolate and candy companies are empowering consumers to make informed choices when it comes to their favorite treats.


Despite the overwhelming division we see on the internet, one thing that has united all fronts in the past 24 hours is the influence of Charles Krauthammer; POLITICO takes a dive into the life of young Trump supporters in DC (h/t Daniel Lippman and Ben Schreckinger); Carson Daly opens up about anxiety and how it can actually be a key to success; Summer means heat and humidity, but it doesn’t have to mean big poofy hair that scares everyone away; Hanger is real and we have the science to prove it; The iPhone is set to send your location to first responders during 911 calls and how is this just now happening?; Tbh we don’t need studies to convince us that caffeine is good for us.

#TheGist By NJI Media

Let’s be honest – the Metro is a mess so reliable transportation is a must. We took a little joyride around the subject of dockless transportation in DC to see if the tires are worth our time.

The Gist: Dockless Bikes and Scooters

DC's traffic and metro are a mess. So what's the solution? FamousDC takes a look into the city's latest craze: dockless bikes and scooters 🚲🏃

Posted by FamousDC on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Everyone’s been all about DC these last several weeks thanks to our Washington Capitals, but there are a few reporters who  have been all about the nation’s capital since their good ol’ undergrad and post-undergrad years. We present 11 journalists who claim George Washington University as their old stomping grounds.


Ask Brittany Shepherd if you’re supposed to hold hands with people on the Metro; Congratulations to Dun & Bradstreet on a 9 year run with the Special Olympics; Ask Andrew Powaleny if Trish is interviewing at other stations; Tell Lindsay Casale congratulations a successful SoFi event – they threw a Debt Party for its members and DC locals who took a break from their student loan debt for the night by taking 360 photos, playing giant games, eating ice cream sundaes and sharing their next financial milestones on ‘The Wall of Ambition’ on District Winery’s rooftop lounge; Find someone who looks at you the way The Edge looks at Paul Kane; How many new Taylor cat shirts did Sean Hayes get?; Holly Campbell and Andrew Powaleny’s AsPUPPYpen insta’s are everything #adoptdontshop; Welcome back to the War Room, Alex Finland; Sorry about the eagles, Andrea Riccio; God bless, Frank Dale; Tommy McFly, we would love to receive a giant check from you; Erin Book Mullen, you and your family are beyond awesome; Jennifer Hodges Kozlow, should we go to Disney World this weekend?; Jim Billimoria is eating lobster; Tita Thompson Freeman, it’s been too long!; Happy anniversary, Katie Manzullo-Thomas!; Rebecca Mark, we would love to move to the Russian River; Sarah Smart is our favorite; Sabrina Siddiqui, let’s plan a trip together; Shoutout to Stephanie DeMarco for joining Team Upton! (h/t Tom Wilbur); Alex Gaston needs her own desk in Longworth Cafe; The CAPS won the Stanley Cup. We’re still letting that one sink in; (Looks like that phrase is still used in newsletters, Anton Vuljaj); Congrats to the Bad News Babes on their softball win this week against the Members team!; Anna Palmer is taking over Brussels because #WomenRule; Mike Lurieenjoys the high life.

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#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

Kris Viesselman leaves CQ Now to join the Los Angeles Times team as the Chief Transformation Editor and Creative Director; Donie O’Sullivan has changed roles at CNN to the CNN Money team. He’ll cover the world of online disinformation full time; Ed Gillespie has joined the board of directors of IMGE; BGR Group has gained a new CEO, Bob Wood; Current CEO Lanny Griffith will become chairman; Ed Rogers will continue as a founding partner in the company as well; TJ Tatum is joining Sard Verbinnen & Co in DC as a vice president of public affairs practice, he was recently an associate director at the communications firm Finsbury; Making moves to FlexPoint Media as chief operating officer is Steve Johnston; Joining the Booz Allen Hamilton as EVP for corporate affairs is Stephen Labaton who was previously the president of North America at Finsbury and former New York Times journalist; Congratulations are in order for Ned Adriance who’s been promoted to communications director for Senator Tom Udall; Anna Masoglia will be re-joining the Center for Responsive Politics as the political nonprofits and foreign influence researcher to help launch a new “dark money” project and work on the Foreign Lobby Watch tool. Since May 2017, Anna has worked as a research analyst at Bloomberg BNA, where she was an editor and writer of Bloomberg Tax’s international payroll publications; Congrats to Jill Nguyen and Micah Spangler! Jill Nguyen joins OhmniLabs and Kambria as the Head of Partnerships. Prior, Jill was with Phone2Action. Micah Spangler has been promoted to Director of Advocacy for the United Nations Foundation!


Famous birthday wishes to Alexandra Tennant, Bits Thomas, Brittney Ingalls Godoy, Caitlin Runyan, Bailey Edwards, David White, Steve Stombres, Breana Teubner, Tom Hoare, Tanner Latham, Beth Dutton Sullivan, Jim Morrell, Gretchen Reiter, Betsy Klein, Tita Thompson Freeman, Laurent Crenshaw, Emily Jean McBride, John Randall, Laura Litvan, Brian Carl, Juliet Eilperin, Carolina Hurley, Tony Fratto, Steven Smith and Ed Demaria!


Until next year, spring 😎