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Senate Republicans have filters, be sure to tell Tim Tebow super-fan Kristen Soltis Anderson happy birthday today, was this the best rap lyric of all time?, Gary Karr is turning 21 years old tomorrow, go get some culture, congratulate Brad Dayspring and Lauren Pratapas, Benny Johnson, Justin Herman, Josh Shapiro, Jean Schindler, Zach Graves, Shawn Keeley, Jacob Wood & Chris Baggett were all having a good time last night@SeanSpicer asked: Who is a bigger DC celeb? @RonnieMervis #KrystalKoons or @PrestonCNN, @Lansing is best friends with Donald Trump, Nick Schaper is now engaging folks at Engage, will you join @MattLira as one of the 8?, Erica Elliot is traveling again which only means hilarity will ensue, Ericka Andersen loves crossfit, Goody paired up with S.E. on the teevee box, why are there not more female digital hires in DC?, IA hung out with some biz, Ben Loeb is doing great things, Lindsay Lohan did not win her lawsuit against pitbull, Harlem Shakedown, NewMe Accelerator  read this if you’ve got a new hill job, FacebookDC killed it on Wednesday, Digital DC is hot, and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.