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Shia LaBeouf is allowed to throw coffee on anyone he wants because he’s a big-time Hollywood actor.

h/t Gavin

Reaction from the Twitterverse:

@BBWags: @FamousDC some days you can’t help but spill coffee on yourself; on the less clumsy days, Shia fills the void.

@jordanndavis He’s running from the decepticons just off-screen RT @FamousDC: Shia’s Starbucks 5K http://j.mp/ShiaCoffee #DC

@_mollify_ And running away like a little girl, this guy gets better & better. RT @FamousDC: Shia LaBeouf throwing coffee on ppl http://j.mp/ShiaCoffee

@MichaelTurk @FamousDC the best part of that is #shia running away like a little bitch. Love it.

@fedward Funny, that photographer looks nothing like Frankie Muniz.

@thisismarissa I could not dislike him more. RT @FamousDC: (VIDEO) Shia LaBeouf throws coffee on photographer in DC http://is.gd/g353d

@RyBitz @FamousDC Shia is a little Diva. Who pours coffee on a man and then RUNS?!? Have we recessed to elementary school?