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While our beloved DC road warriors keep their sedans in park- limo drivers around the city are licking their chops in an attempt to fill the transportation void.  The only problem, the limo drivers refuse to learn the zone system – forcing some people to sell a kidney in order to afford the 12 block jaunt to their hotel.

According to the Washington Post, people are complaining in droves about the limo drivers’ lack of economic sympathy.  Shockingly, these drivers, who aren’t doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, don’t really care if they’re ripping people off.

“What a vulture,” said Jennifer Fitzpatrick, arriving from Baltimore, after a driver offered to take her to Chinatown for $20. “No way.”

The next person in line, Monique Jones, refused to pay when the driver requested $20 to go to the Willard Hotel. “They think because there’s a strike in D.C. they can do anything they want,” said Jones, who was visiting from Philadelphia. “We’ve been here half an hour. But I’m just not going to pay $20 to go to the Willard.”

One limo driver, who was not shy about admitting he was taking advantage of people, had this well articulated response:

“My limo,” he said, pointing at his Mercedes, “costs a lot more than a taxi cab.”

Meanwhile, disgruntled taxi drivers were congregating throughout the city – and doing their fair share of complaining.

“We’re trying to get the message out to the citizens, ‘This is your system,’ ” Price said at a meeting at an Ethiopian church in Northeast attended by about 200 cabdrivers. “We asked last year, put it on a referendum. Don’t let a small group of people decide this for everybody.”

It is uncertain as to when this mess will be cleaned up, but one thing is abundantly clear – everyone mentioned in this article needs a heavy dose of media training.

UPDATE: Rethink your tip